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Please pardon the website construction.

I promise your going to Love the new look .    After answering everyone questions on a one on one basis , I will now be answering most of your questions and requests on the new blog.    Feel free to send me all of your questions via email .

Enjoy the sun  : )


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Please pardon our appearance.

We are making some Big Changes ,as well as, getting a New Look.

Check back soon  🙂

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Acu-Med Pain Patches – AMAZING!!!

Acu-Med Advanced Pain Patches

I came across Acu-Med Advanced Pain Patches while I was traveling in Ireland with my mom in September 2010. I found them in Boots, the UK’s leading name in Health & Beauty for over 160 years, with 2,500 stores in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. At first, I thought the patches where a bit pricey, then I gave it some thought. My acupuncturist charges me about $80 per session and these patches will last up to a week.  Considering that and the price of other products I’ve used in the past, I thought Acu-Med was fairly priced. I also love the fact that they are odorless, hypoallergenic, and completely natural.

Do they work? YES! Being an avid athlete, outdoorsy guy, swimmer, cyclist, fitness freak, marathon runner and coach, I’ve had my share of aches and pains from all my different kinds of training and activities. Leading up to my 9th straight NYC Marathon my calf was super tight. So, I used 2 Acu-Med Patches on my right calf and raced the Staten Island Half-Marathon on 10/10/10. At the age of 38, I was pleased to run my best half-marathon to date with a time of 1:22:00. Then I followed it up three weeks later with my 3rd fastest marathon 2:59:18 on the streets of NYC. I’ve also run 4 Boston Marathons.

After trying them, I called the company to order more and ask where can I get them in the USA. Since owner and developer informed me that they weren’t currently sold in the USA, I decided that I would like to be the one to distribute them.  I went to Nice, France on my own dime to meet the owner, we got along smashingly well, came to terms and now I have the exclusive rights to distribute them in America.

So if you are interested in trying them out, you can purchase from the Acu-Med USA website or amazon.com

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New Balance Urban Dash

This game is RAD.(period) Catch me if you can, I’m in the lead. You can win awesome red exclusive New Balance kicks the first time you win and then a $75 gift card for the next 4 wins. If that’s NOT enough…you get to run and get in shape!



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Watch me on NY1!

I’ll be interviewed by Roger Clark from NY1 on Thursday, June 30th at 7:10am regarding my free Running 101 + More class that is a part of Fitness in the Square presented by lululemon athletica, Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp and the Union Square Partnership.  For more details check out 2011 Summer in the Square.

And if you want to know more about the amazing magnetic patch on my wrist in the picture above, check out Acu-Med USA.

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