Terence loves running. He loves what running does for his body and mind. You can find him in Central Park or the West Side Highway or just running around town. He has run 14 Marathons, including the last 9 NYC Marathons, with a PR of 2:57. His best half marathon time is 1:22. His passion for the sport is clear when you talk to him about running. For his 14th marathon on June 4th, 2011 he tied himself to 4 of his closest running friends. They went out to break the Guinness World Record for the fastest 5 person tethered Marathon, which they did by 12 minutes in a time of 3:26:15.

Terence even ran around the world on the reality TV Show “The Amazing Race”. Good thing he is fast because he needed to backtrack on many occasions after getting lost.

Terence has coached and worked successfully with runners of all shapes, ages, and levels of abilities for the past 7 years. Terence’s approach comes from a Zen place: Train smartly, mix it up, have fun, enjoy it and the results will follow.


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